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The very first step involves determining the needs of your child and your family. This is best done by answering the guide questions that follow.


First look at your child’s needs:

  • -          What kind of structure works for your child? Some children thrive in a highly structured environment while others need a more relaxed environment. It is imperative to know what your child needs.

  • -          Does your child look for challenges? Is your child easily bored by activities? Or does your child prefer less challenging work?

  • -          Does your child need more attention and guidance? Some children like to just be told what has to be done and then be left to their own devices. Others need more guidance and clarification in the course of their work.

  • -          Does your child usually need additional help and time when doing assignments?

  • -          Does your child have special needs in learning? Some children have difficulties in reading, while others have problems in math or science. This will have a big impact in selecting schools.

  • -          Does your child need an environment that encourages creativity?

  • -          Is your child comfortable with English and the local dialect where applicable?

Next, analyze your child’s leaning style:

  • -          Does your child learn best using visual aids? Does your child understand better when seeing how things work?

  • -          Does your child learn best by reading about how things work?

  • -          Does your child learn best by listening?

  • -          Does your child like to participate in discussions?

  • -          Does your child like to learn through physical activity?

  • -          Would you consider your child as logical or mathematical?

  • -          Would you consider your child as musical and artistic?

  • -          Does your child like to work with others in groups?

  • -          Does your child like working alone?

Finally, look at the location of the school:

  • -          Do you want your child to attend a school that is just walking distance from your home?

  • -          Are you getting a school bus service for your child? How far and long would you like the trip to be?

  • -          Are you driving your child to school? How far, how long and how much are you willing to spend to drive to school?

  • -          Does your child want to be in the same school as his or her friends?

  • -          Do you prefer your child to be in a school close to a particular location such as your place of work, a close relative, etc?

  • -          Are there some special needs, transportation wise that need consideration?

The questions here are of extreme importance and will have a direct bearing on the experience of your child in that school. Being able to pick a school that addresses most if not all of the needs here would ensure that your child and you will have a good experience in the school. Of course the needs are not all equal and the absence of some may be a bit problematical, while the others can be deal breaker.

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